Sightseeing Tours to Jordan & Israel/Palestine

See the best of both worlds…

Enjoy the journey and let us handle all the logistics!

5 Days

from $630

    • Discover the rose-red city of Petra
    • Experience history and religion in Jerusalem
    • Visit Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus
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7 Days

from $1000

    • Explore the stunning desert landscape of Wadi Rum
    • Discover historical and biblical sites in both countries
    • Experience the bustling life of Jerusalem
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9 Days

from $1300

    • Explore Jordan’s cultural and natural wonders
    • Stay in Jerusalem, one of the holiest cities worldwide
    • Walk through history and float in the Dead Sea
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12 Days

from $1600

    • Discover stunning landscapes and natural wonders
    • Experience culture, and get to know the local people
    • Visit historical and biblical places
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14 Days

from $2000

    • Explore Jordan
    • Touch water at the shores of four different seas
    • Walk through over 4000 years of history in Jerusalem
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We take you wherever you want..!

There is nothing among the itineraries that fits your idea of a dream holiday? We are happy to tailor the perfect trip for you from scratch!

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