Are Jerusalem & Jordan safe?

The short answer is YES!

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Jordan and Israel/Palestine are very hospitable countries, with some of the world’s most ancient and beautiful places to visit. But the presence of conflict and unrest in neighboring countries has discouraged many travelers from visiting over the last few years. Despite its neighbors, they remain very safe places, in general, and for tourist from all over the world more specifically.


In Israel/ Palestine the situation can get tense at times, especially at certain places in Jerusalem and along the Separation Wall. Due to the smoldering conflict, both countries are also deeply militarized. However, there is not reason to worry! On the one hand, as a tourist you are not the target of conflict; rather we have heard of incidents when both parties of conflict worked together to secure tourist accidentally caught in the middle. On the other hand, all of our staff has been living in the region for years, some of us even in Jerusalem itself or elsewhere in Israel/Palestine. Additionally, mail order bride we are continuously in close contact with our partners, drivers and guides on site, to always be aware of the current situation.


At Experience Jordan Adventures, the safety of our customers is our primary concern – we will thus not offer any tours if we feel that you would be exposed to the slightest risk from conflict. It is our intention to reflect a fair and honest image of how things are on the ground, and it’s one we take seriously. Since our office is based in Jordan, and we are an international team of locals and expats who enjoy living here with our families, we can ensure you that we all always up to date regarding the safety situation.


Not convinced yet? Listen and see what these travelers have to say about their experience in the countries:

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